NATUR ALL, our philosophy of life


YES to those who love the simplicity of things well done. Real ingredients for real people.


YES to believing that together we can save the planet. For change is the sum of all our little decisions.


YES to people who enjoy taking care of themselves without sacrificing pleasure. Our future is plant-based, and the best is yet to come.

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We believe in the power of plants
Know our secret


Dat brick

Our oats are sustainably grown in Spain. The production of oat drinks represents between half and a third of CO2 emissions compared to cow's milk production.

A very complete and balanced cereal that helps control your cholesterol and enrich your diet with fiber. Low in fat and also satiating. Who would say that such a small grain could have so many properties?

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Almond brick

Our almonds grow in the Mediterranean (Spain). We select the best almonds and lightly toast them. We use whole almonds to preserve their oils and natural properties.

This antioxidant-high nut helps to take care of your heart. Naturally, without sugars or fats. Because many times going back to nature is often the healthiest and most delicious thing to do.

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Soya brick

Our soybeans come from cooperatives in France (200 km from our factory).
We control all the phases of the process to offer a product of the best quality, non-GMO and transgenic-free.

Soy is rich in high-quality plant proteins - you won't find anything this complete in the plant world!
The perfect plant-based alternative for a balanced diet high in protein.

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Rice brick

Our rice is also grown in the Mediterranean.

The purest, naturally gluten and lactose-free cereal. The perfect ally for your digestive well-being. A natural flavour without added sugars, ideal for combining according to your taste.

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From the field to the carton

  1. Our world would be meaningless without those people, our farmers. The best locally grown ingredients: a commitment to our community.

  2. We like simplicity: no added sugars, no small print. We look for the essence of each ingredient.

  3. We are committed to a sustainable production process, minimising water and energy consumption and using waste for animal consumption.

  4. A sustainable, convenient, fun and different packaging. No to plastic and yes to renewable energy.

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