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The first 100% plant-based
single-dose coffee capsule

  • soya-coffee-pod

    Soya coffee pod

    A perfect combination of coffee with soya drink, offering a unique experience for the palate.

    Fast and delicious!

    Because you have the right to eat 100% plant-based, we have invented the first single-dose soy drink capsule for coffee makers Dolce Gusto

    What stands out

    This capsule, in addition to being 100% plant-based, is 100% compostable.

    Enjoy the best coffee and the best soya drink, a perfect combination for the palate.

    Possible downsides

    If you want to balance the flavour of soya and coffee, regulate the amount of water to find the taste that is most to your satisfaction.

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Infographic of Bart, master barista

Hi, I'm

Our Barista edition is a premium plant-based drink alternative. Get yourself a frothy coffee with light foam and a 100% plant-based flavour. The secret to surprise your most demanding clients.

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