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    A true novelty in the market. Did you know that peas are the vegetable with the highest protein content? Get ready to be surprised by their taste and texture.

    Ingredients Nutritional

    What stands out

    Do you want to try something different? Add this pea drink to your coffee:

    its delicious touch of vanilla and ease of foaming make it the perfect complement for coffee lovers.

    Possible downsides

    You will notice that the colour is a little darker… that is because we use an alga (Lithothamnium calcareum).

    It is our secret for enriching your calcium drink in a completely natural way.

    Our commitment
    to sustainability

    Our plant based packaging

    Our stopper is 100% renewable made from sustainable cane sugar. In addition, it is unique in the market for its ease of opening and use.
    A container made in 88% with renewable raw materials. They are materials that with their growth help the absorption of CO2, in addition to using less energy in their transformation.
    The cardboard used in our packaging comes from forests managed responsibly certified by Forest stewardship council (FSC®).
    Our packaging is sustainable and its easy folding favors its recycling. remember: reduce, reuse and recycle.
    Thanks to the greater renewability of our new packaging, we managed to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Infographic of Bart, master barista

Hi, I'm

Our Barista edition is a premium plant-based drink alternative. Get yourself a frothy coffee with light foam and a 100% plant-based flavour. The secret to surprise your most demanding clients.

100% dairy-free coffee

  • Our top Barista due to its balanced flavor, subtle sweetness and the toasted touch of the cereal. A winning bet.

  • The perfect combination of roasted whole almonds with the intense flavour of a good coffee. Impossible to resist.

  • Exotic flavours, body and a unique foam. Welcome coconut lovers!