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Help us save the planet


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    Sustainable water

    Learn a new way to drink water.
    Our water is packaged in cardboard, thus guaranteeing the best conservation and care of the planet. All thanks to our sustainable and recyclable packaging of vegetable origin.


    What stands out

    Our packaging is of 88% vegetable origin and we guarantee a 50% reduction in carbon footprint. We want to contribute our grain of sand to the conservation of the environment and the oceans.

    We are not perfect, but...

    We mineralize the water to offer clean, mineral-enriched water. Our water has an optimal composition to help you balance your diet.
    The best hydration for your day-to-day.

    Advantages of drinking water in carton

    Blank brick

    Sustainable container

    We dream of a world without plastic. Our packaging guarantees responsible consumption and also preserves the properties of our water.

    Running water drop infographic

    Premium water

    We use an innovative three-phase filtration system: osmotic pressure filtration, remineralization and microfiltration, with which we eliminate any impurities and provide an optimally balanced table of minerals and Ph, resulting in maximum-quality, fully guaranteed water.

    Group of water bricks

    Different formats

    We adapt to each moment of consumption. We have a liter format for family consumption, but you can also find our “on the go” packaging.

    Our commitment
    to sustainability

    Our plant based packaging

    Our stopper is 100% renewable made from sustainable cane sugar. In addition, it is unique in the market for its ease of opening and use.
    A container made in 88% with renewable raw materials. They are materials that with their growth help the absorption of CO2, in addition to using less energy in their transformation.
    The cardboard used in our packaging comes from forests managed responsibly certified by Forest stewardship council (FSC®).
    Our packaging is sustainable and its easy folding favors its recycling. remember: reduce, reuse and recycle.
    Thanks to the greater renewability of our new packaging, we managed to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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