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Discover our wide range of 100% plant based drinks


Nothing added. For all those who love purity.

  • Oat milk drink brick
  • Almond Drink brick
  • Just soya brick
  • Rice drink brick


For all those preferring intense flavours without sacrificing the pleasure... of adults and children!

  • Brick de soja vainilla
  • Oat chocolate brick
  • Soya chocolate brick
  • Cofee soya brick
  • Almond coffee brick


For those looking for a different alternative.

  • UHT coconut drink with calcium and vitamins brick
  • UHT Pea protein brick


Our best products, cultivated locally and environmentally and respecting nature´s cycles.

  • UHT organic oatmeal brik
  • UHT organic almond drink brick
  • UHT organic rice brick
  • Organic soya drink Brick


Our drinks, especially designed for coffee lovers. Try them and discover their spectacular foam and taste – as in the best coffee bars.

  • Barista oatmilk brick
  • Barista almond brick
  • Soya barista drink brick
  • Barista coconut brick


Infographic of Bart, master barista

Hi, I'm

Our Barista edition is a premium plant-based drink alternative. Get yourself a frothy coffee with light foam and a 100% plant-based flavour. The secret to surprise your most demanding clients.

100% dairy-free coffee

  • Our top Barista due to its balanced flavor, subtle sweetness and the toasted touch of the cereal. A winning bet.

  • The perfect combination of roasted whole almonds with the intense flavour of a good coffee. Impossible to resist.

  • Exotic flavours, body and a unique foam. Welcome coconut lovers!