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La Viña Cheesecake

Try this delicious cheesecake! We pay tribute to one of the most famous cheesecakes in Spain, the cheesecake from La Viña, the famous San Sebastián restaurant. In our version we add a splash of Natur All almond drink to make it a little creamier.


Who said a healthy breakfast was boring? With this quick recipe there can't be a better way to take care of yourself. And as it is highly flexible, it can change depending on the season, on what you have at home or on what you want: there are a thousand possible combinations!

Coconut Pannacotta

A classic of Italian pastries with the subtle sweetness and sponginess of our Natur All Barista Coconut Drink. It can be prepared in only 15 minutes and with only 5 ingredients. What are you waiting for to try it out?

Choco-lovers Smoothie

A creamy nutritive and restorative shake thanks to the combined properties of fruit, nuts and soya. Save it for a busy morning or a snack when you or your loved ones need a good energy burst. A healthy temptation you won't be able to resist.